New Shoes, for the car?

 Who doesn’t love a new pair of good quality shoes? That feeling when you slip your feet inside them and admire them in the mirror cannot be beaten and you walk around with that “new shoe smile” all day! Cars don’t have feelings, but they need new shoes too and you still get that warm glow looking a the lovely set of gleaming black tyres when you take it away from the garage, or after having it washed! I am… Continue Reading “New Shoes, for the car?”

Michelin Total Performance Tyres


We bought a new (to us) car in February and being an ex-mobility vehicle I knew it was well looked after and serviced regularly. It is a big car and when looking to buy it I also noticed that it had good quality Michelin tyres.  If I am honest, I have only ever bought the cheaper makes which have needed changing every six to eight months so I was intrigued to see if these lasted any longer. I do a… Continue Reading “Michelin Total Performance Tyres”