Project 365 2021: Week Twenty One

The kids are in full wind-down mode for half term, although it only feels like 5 minutes since their last one. Kian has officially finished this year’s university, despite only having one week on campus. I really hope they refund some of the tuition fees as he only actually spent 3 months learning. Isaac had his parents evening and they are really happy with his progress. He has exams after half term to put them in sets them for next year, so he has some revising to do in the holidays. Here is our week: Monday 24th May We live …

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Project 365 2021: Week Seventeen

This week there has been two test raves in Liverpool, with 3,000 people getting to visit with no social distancing and no masks as an experiement. All had to have a negative test before hand and all will be tested 5 days after the event. Fingers crossed it will be good news for events happening in the summer. Closer to home, bank holiday weekend is here and it has felt really busy in the shop, with families all shopping together again and people trying to come in without masks. Here is our week: Sunday 25th April The last day of …

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Stour Dorset

Project 365 2020 Week 21 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 10

With the rules around lockdown relaxed slightly, we have taken advantage and jumped in the car to explore walks slightly farther afield, although no longer than 15 minutes from where we live. It has been lovely to see some different scenery, as although we are lucky to have some beautiful walks on our doorstep, it does get monotonous seeing the same sights every day. Here is our week……. Sunday 17th May A work day for me as I managed to get an overtime shift on the checkouts. It was a steady day, lots of people buying barbecue bits as the …

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Kian and Sebby

Project 365 2020 Week 19 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 8

Hello and welcome to this weeks update. We are finding the beginning of the week harder than the end, maybe because it is because the kids feel like it is back to earth with a bump after the weekend off. Sunday 3rd May A work day for me. The mood is quite low today. Some of the temps are on their last day. The youngsters are desperate to get back to college as are missing their friends and are fed up with being locked down. The older ones are worried about money and how they are going to get by. …

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Blandford Food Festival

It appears to be festival season in Dorset at the moment and a couple of weeks ago we went to the very first Blandford Food Festival. Promising a vast array of local food producers and exciting activities for the kids to take part in, they were also raising money for Naomi House, which provides care and respite for life-limited children. The drive to Blandford from Wimborne is beautiful, especially this time of year and hubby insisted on taking some pictures whilst the road was clear. When we arrived we were impressed to find that the organisers had organised plenty of free …

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