13 Benefits Of Investing In Luxury Beds


The average person spends about one-third of their lifetime in bed. That’s because human beings need around eight hours of sleep each day. Therefore, it’s important to get a relaxing bed to rest in every night.  This article will explore the advantages of investing in luxury beds for a blissful shut-eye. You’ll also learn how to find the proper bed and differentiate a regular mattress from a luxury one.  Finding The Right Bed  Purchasing a new bed can be a… Continue Reading “13 Benefits Of Investing In Luxury Beds”

How to choose the right mattress for you

Make the Bed

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to staying happy and healthy and is just as important as a good diet and exercise. Things to consider to get the perfect environment for sleep are ensuring that the temperature is cool, noise is limited, black-out blinds or curtains are used to filter any external light and that you have a good quality bed and mattress for the maximum comfort. The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every 7-10 years, depending on… Continue Reading “How to choose the right mattress for you”

The importance of good quality, restful sleep


Living a healthy lifestyle normally conjures up thoughts of a eating a good, varied diet and doing regular exercise, but did you know that it also involves getting enough restful sleep. Restful sleep can be a challenge, especially with young children in the family, but there are ways that you can ensure the amount of sleep you get leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Invest in the right mattress No two people are the same, and there is no such… Continue Reading “The importance of good quality, restful sleep”

How Important Is a Mattress to Kids and Health and Development

Sleeping Child

One of my favourite Oscar Wilde’s quotes says that “the best way to make children good is to make them happy.” And there are so many forms in which we can do just that! Giving is only one of them, and I believe it to be the best of all, because of the bliss it brings on their faces and the life example it teaches them – and all of us – for the future. Helping children get a proper… Continue Reading “How Important Is a Mattress to Kids and Health and Development”

Unboxing the Bruno Mattress

Bruno Mattress

A few weeks ago, I was invited to try a brand new mattress from Brunosleep.co.uk, a revolutionary mattress brand from Germany. They have just the one mattress design as they believe it’s the perfect one – an ideal balance of ergonomically engineered support foam and sustainable natural latex and we were sent one to review. First of all, it came in a really small box for a 3ft mattress for a single bed and the kids were intrigued, so I… Continue Reading “Unboxing the Bruno Mattress”