Top Tips to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

Maternity Photo

Regardless of whether you are planning to conceive a baby by natural means or through IVF treatment and other fertility support, there are lots of things you can do to boost your chances of becoming pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby. The best place to start is by visiting your GP for a full health check-up, including your sexual health. It’s important to discuss these matters because some STIs and other illnesses can lead to infertility. Your doctor’s… Continue Reading “Top Tips to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy”

Planning a Baby on a Budget


Having a baby is a hugely exciting time in your life, but it can also be a huge learning curve, especially in budgeting. Baby equipment is big business and we all want the best for our children, but it is important to remember that much of it will only be used for a few weeks and isn’t worth spending big money on. Planning a baby on a budget is a challenge, but can be achievable but it is important to… Continue Reading “Planning a Baby on a Budget”

Know your Maternity Rights


Having a baby is a very special time in anyone’s life but it is worth looking up your rights before you take that step into parenthood. I have had six children and each experience was very different. When I worked for a supermarket they followed the governments maternity scheme to the letter: The first 6 weeks – 90% of full pay The next 33 weeks – £139.58 or 90% of your earnings – whichever is less The next 13 weeks –… Continue Reading “Know your Maternity Rights”

#Win a Maternity / Nursing Lingerie set from Hotmilk

Designed by women, for women, Hotmilk has revolutionalised the lingerie market with its provocative and fashion forward styling. Embraced by Hollywood celebrities, international fashion magazines and worn by the chic fashionista to the girl next door, Hotmilk lingerie is exquisitely styled and technologically advanced. When pregnant with her first child, co-founder Lisa Ebbing felt limited by the uninspiring choices of maternity lingerie on the market. She teamed up with long time, like minded friend, Ange Sloan, and the two women… Continue Reading “#Win a Maternity / Nursing Lingerie set from Hotmilk”