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Pandemic Planning a Wedding as a Full-Time Parent: A Guide

Anyone having to plan a wedding during a pandemic will know how stressful it can be, and for anyone who is also a full time parent, it will feel twice as difficult, depending on how many children you have and what ages they are.  If you are a full time parent then you will know how hard it is to juggle anything with children, so planning a wedding is especially difficult. One thing that may help would be to make sure that you do the majority of your planning in the evenings or when your children are either at school …

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Wedding Trivia Every Bride to be Should Swot up on

If your friend, family member or even you yourself are getting married then there is some very important and vital wedding trivia that every bride to be should know. Obviously there are plenty of things that everyone knows about weddings such as the basic format of the day and the main reason that everyone is there which is to celebrate and share in the couples’ special day. There are some interesting facts about weddings though that a lot of people don’t know and which are important for the bride to read up on. There are many different traditions and rituals …

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Changing your name after marriage? Here are four innovative alternatives for all women!

All around the world, some countries have a custom for women to adopt their husband’s name after marriage. No matter where you are getting married, the one question that always manages to make multiple rounds and is repeated across many different cups of tea, is” Will you change your name post marriage? ” It is kind of a fraught question. There may be instances where women would retain their names simply because they didn’t want to yield to societal norms. Women are all told taking a partner’s name is an act of love, but also that they are independent women …

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Unusual Hen Party Ideas You’ve Probably Never Considered

Do you want your hen party to stand out from the crowd? Make your hen party unforgettable by doing something alternative that you and your friends and family will absolutely love. If you are a bridesmaid organising the hen party for the bride, we have so many ideas that the bride will absolutely love. She will be so grateful that you have put so much thought and effort into her special day. Here are a few unusual hen party ideas that you may not have thought about. Life Drawing Life drawing is such a fascinating thing to do. You are …

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