Luvabella Newborn Review


Eliza is a proud Mama to two Luvabella dolls – Iris and Elena. I love watching her play and interact with them and you can often find her pushing them around the house in their pram, or putting them in a baby carrier to take to the park. Now there is a new Luvabella doll out for her look after and love – Luvabella Newborn. Eliza’s Luvabella Newborn doll is named Clara-Rose after her two favourite Dr Who assistants and… Continue Reading “Luvabella Newborn Review”

New Luvabella – Review


Last October Eliza was one of the lucky few to get her hands on the new Luvabella doll to review and it has been her favourite doll ever since. Iris is treated like a real baby and often comes on car journey’s with us, regularly gets taken for a walk and is lovingly tucked up in bed with Sebastian’s old baby blankets every night. Now Iris has a sister – Elena, a new darker haired Luvabella Doll, but is there… Continue Reading “New Luvabella – Review”

Luvabella Interactive Doll Review

I first saw Luvabella – an interactive doll with a difference, on ITV’s This Morning and it was immediately obvious that it was going to be a real hit and it is already set to be a top toy this Christmas. We have been lucky enough to be one of the first to welcome Luvabella into our home and to say Eliza is in love, is an understatement. Her body looks and feels much like a regular doll, with a… Continue Reading “Luvabella Interactive Doll Review”