Make your living room look luxe for less

Mirror and Flowers

Everyone has their dream living space. Whether we’ve seen it in a glossy magazine, we’ve seen it on TV or we’ve seen a celebrity with a home that makes us green with envy. Sadly, not everyone has such a large budget to spend on their homes, but there ae little things we can do to add a little touch of luxury into our lives, without hurting our bank balance too much! Here you’ll get the lowdown on how to make… Continue Reading “Make your living room look luxe for less”

How to get your soft furnishings just right

Soft Furnishing

From stylish curtains to showstopper bedspreads, soft furnishings have the power to make or break interior design schemes. This means it’s crucial that you choose the perfect accessories to fill your property. To help you achieve your home décor aims, take a look at this brief guide to getting your soft furnishings spot on. Choose your colour scheme with care Colour is key when you’re selecting everything from your window dressings to your cushions, duvets and throws and, as a… Continue Reading “How to get your soft furnishings just right”

Sprucing up the lounge


Spring has well and truly sprung and thousands of people are now working on their homes and gardens as the weather starts to improve. We have made a start of the garden which is coming together when the weather allows and my next focus will be the lounge. Last year I turned our dining room into the playroom to try to stop having toys in the lounge and, apart from Sebastian’s train table, it has mostly worked. The downside of… Continue Reading “Sprucing up the lounge”

Create a Cosy Family Living Room

In a family home, there is no room that is more chaotic or widely used throughout the day than the living room so it’s important that this part of the home feels calm and uncluttered.   The living room is both your place of rest and the hub for all family activity so try to cater to both worlds with some simple decor tips and rearrangements. Use these simple steps to lend a cosy and comfortable atmosphere to your living room.… Continue Reading “Create a Cosy Family Living Room”

A grown-up lounge

Everybody knows that having children will mean compromise, but it can still be a bit of a shock to discover just how easily they can overwhelm a living space.  No matter how much tidying is done, toys get everywhere, along with stray items of clothing.  Rooms have to be rearranged to keep dangerous items out of reach.  Things get chipped, damaged and even chewed.  It can be very difficult to maintain the sense of style that once mattered so much,… Continue Reading “A grown-up lounge”