mental health

Focusing on Your Mental Health During Lockdown

The COVID-19 measures in the UK seem to show no sign of being lifted anytime and as such, it is with caution that people are going about their daily lives trying their best to avoid contracting and spreading the virus. With many people making sacrifices, it can feel hard to stay positive and look forward to a time when all of this is nothing but a mere memory or tales to regale to the grandchildren in years to come. But being present in the here and now can be harder than it seems, especially when people are being asked to …

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You Need To Be Doing These Exercise To Take Care Of Yourself

As a woman, it’s important to keep fit and take proper care of yourself. There are plenty of fitness hacks out there to help women look and feel good, but as well as training the parts you can see, it’s important to train the parts you can’t. Here are some of the exercises that women should master as part of their health goals.  Transverse abdominal activation – lying toes tap  Transverse abdominal strength is important for protecting the lower back. It also flattens the stomach and protects the pelvic floor. The TA, as it’s known, is like a corset, in …

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new year

How To Be Ready For What 2021 Will Bring

If we are being honest, 2020 was a year that none of us could have been prepared for. Had a time-traveller visited you in the middle of last year and presented you with a copy of any newspaper from March 2020 or later, the headlines would have been close to incomprehensible. If the year has taught us one thing, it is that preparedness for unforeseen events is more important than any of us realised, and many of us have spent this year adjusting to that reality.  So while we can’t possibly foresee exactly what is coming down the line in …

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Eliza Crafting

How To Keep Your Children Entertained Whilst Staying At Home

With stay-at home guidelines extending longer than many expected, figuring out how to keep your children occupied without going outside may be becoming a near impossible task. Finding ways to keep them entertained through months and months of lockdowns is so important, as you must ensure that they stay mentally and physically active for the benefit of their long term health. Luckily, there are in fact several different ideas that you may not have considered which can keep your little ones occupied for hours (or even days!) on end, and it couldn’t be easier to get started today. So, if …

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Project 365 2020 Week 47 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 36

The second week of a full lockdown and apart from some changes to my husband’s work, it still doesn’t feel any different. Cases of coronavirus seem to be levelling off, but the papers of full of stories that hospitals are struggling with the volume of patients infected. It has been a busy week for us with appointments to attend, but I like having my evenings back and we have watched the entire season 4 of The Crown and are loving I’m A Celebrity now it is back. We are rooting for Jordan to win. Here is our week: Sunday 15th …

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