Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Four

Anyone that knows me, knows that I hate being stuck in the house, so I have found isolating this week really hard, especially as I have had both vaccinations. I have been doing lateral flow tests everyday, just for my own peace of mind and am pleased to say I am all clear. Sadly my week has not been very interesting at all. Monday 14th June The one benefit of staying at home is that I have managed to catch up with some blog work and outstanding reviews. Today’s one was Sebby’s new Xplora watch, which he loves. He can …

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Project 365 2021: Week Twenty

What is going on with the weather? Last year we were spoilt with wall to wall sunshine and warm temperatures. This year it feels more like Autumn with high winds and torrential rain. On Monday, the planned Step 3 easements of lockdown went ahead, with indoor hospitality reopening and indoor entertainment resuming, including cinemas, museums, and children’s play areas. The countdown is now on to 21st June, when Step 4 comes in with restrictions being relaxed even further. There is some doubt this will happen, thanks to a new strain of COVID, but it is a case of wait and …

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Project 365 2021: Week Nineteen

I have to admit that it has been a bit of a rubbish week. My laptop has died, the tumble drier has too and the weather isn’t helping either. In better news, I am now one of the 20 million people who have had both COVID vaccinations and thankfully feel fine. Here is our week: Sunday 9th May At this time of year, we have a colony of Puffins that nest on the cliffs near Swanage, so we headed out to walk from Durlston Country Park to Dancing Ledge in the hope of spotting them. Sadly we didn’t see them, …

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Project 365 2021: Week Thirteen

How is it April already? The second wave of restrictions starting to ease happened this week, with two households being allowed to meet outside from Monday. We are still being advised to stay local, but many people haven’t as we have had lots of visitors to Dorset from all over the country again and despite indoor restrictions staying the same, lots of people have been shopping as families / couples again, which is very frustrating at work. Thankfully, we know the quiet spots to explore! Here is our week: Sunday 28th March A work day for both my husband and …

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Project 365 2021: Week Twelve

We are on countdown to restrictions being lifted slightly, although Europe is now in the grip of the 3rd wave. From Monday, groups of up to 6 individuals from different households or an unlimited number of people from two households can meet outdoors, although no social mixing is allowed indoors, other than for specific listed exceptions. We are still encouraged to stay local, but the kids can start back to their beavers / cubs and scouts clubs – they cannot wait. Here is our week: Sunday 21st March All plans for today were shelved, as my husband felt awful after …

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