Are you up for White Christmas Dip 2014?

White Christmas Dip

The White Christmas Dip is an annual charity Christmas morning swim held on the beach next to Boscombe Pier in Bournemouth, organised by Tom Baker and Family. Every year the dip begins on the beach, just to the right of Boscombe Pier, and finishes in the sea! The Christmas morning swim is a fantastic excuse for a family outing and healthy sea air on Christmas Day. The event has been running for 7 years now and, to date, both the number… Continue Reading “Are you up for White Christmas Dip 2014?”

5 simple days out for the kids

Middle Beach

Keeping the kids entertained can often lead to some difficult decisions. Where to go? How do we get here? How much money do we spend? However, don’t scratch your head for too long, as the choice can be much simpler than you think. Here are five simple ideas for a great day out the whole family can enjoy! A picnic Get some of your favourite snacks and treats together and even get the little ones to help with baking some… Continue Reading “5 simple days out for the kids”

Who can fix my car?

Just before Christmas I was told my nearside rear brake light was out.  I sighed and trundled along to Halfords to buy a new bulb for the brake light and also the side lights which were playing up as well.  The assistant helped me change my bulbs but they still wouldn’t work so we changed the fuse to see if that was the problem. It blew straight away and it was then we realised I had a big problem.  My… Continue Reading “Who can fix my car?”