Here Are The Best Ways To Improve Your Home’s Windows


Have you been looking at your windows wondering how you can make some fantastic improvements? Here are some of the best recommendations we can offer.  A Thorough Clean You would be amazed at how dirty your windows can get. From bird droppings to finger stains and much more it can definitely leave them looking worse for wear. If your windows are dirty enough it can even stop natural light from getting through and make your rooms seem far more dreary.… Continue Reading “Here Are The Best Ways To Improve Your Home’s Windows”

Changing the way we light our home with Philips Hue

Philips Hue

When we bought our house it was a bit of a fixer upper and 12 years on we have replaced everything that needed to be done. Hubby and the teens love their gadgets and have always been fascinated by technology for the home, but if I am honest I always assumed it would mean fitting dozens of cables and various gadgets around the home. We were sent Philips Hue to set up and try in our house. Philips Hue is… Continue Reading “Changing the way we light our home with Philips Hue”

#Win a Mini Hornit for your child’s bike or scooter

Mini Hornit

The Mini Hornit is the world’s most fun accessory for children’s bikes and scooters and is fast becoming a craze in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia. The Mini Hornit is the ultimate lights and sound effects accessory for children’s bikes and scooters. It comes in four colours; blue/orange, red/blue, purple/pink and black and all are loaded with 25 sound effects from bells and trumpets to racing cars and animals, and has bright lights (white AND green!) for safety.… Continue Reading “#Win a Mini Hornit for your child’s bike or scooter”

Hot Chocolate Giveaway for a cold and rainy day!

Horlicks Vintage Packs

When the weather turns grim it’s always nice to curl up on the sofa with a warm milky drink, to give you a boost for the afternoon. Horlicks understand those moments when you need goodness, but with a super-chocolatey boost and if you are still persevering with your new year healthy eating plan then Horlicks Light Chocolate has 55% less fat than Horlicks Traditional. Horlicks wants to cheer up one of my lucky readers by giving away a bundle of a vintage mug,… Continue Reading “Hot Chocolate Giveaway for a cold and rainy day!”

Introducing Russell the Dream Sheepdog

Russell the Dream SheepDog

SweetDreamers, the brand behind the infamous Ewan the Dream Sheep, is thrilled to unveil its newest member. Introducing Russell, the dream sheepdog, who is taking the baton from ewan, as he em’barks’ on a mission to be the ultimate bedtime companion for toddlers. Cute, cuddly and comforting, Russell will take over from ewan when the little ones reach 18 months, and support sleep time struggles for as long as they need. Russell helps toddlers sleep with his softly changing warm… Continue Reading “Introducing Russell the Dream Sheepdog”