Lemur Linkup Blogger / Biz Match Up Night

Lemur Linkup

Local Small Business would like to meet successful blogger to develop outreach programme, increase brand awareness and product development Lemur LinkUp, local Networking group held at Lemur Landings Soft Play, Tower Park Poole has been growing rapidly each month since conception last year. What started as networking and marketing training/support for local businesses/blogger predominately working from home has turned into a valuable resource attracting up to 30 attendees each month. The blogger-business match up event will be held on 6th… Continue Reading “Lemur Linkup Blogger / Biz Match Up Night”

Young Guns!

Isaac turned 6 last week and wants to do everything his big brother’s can do, which made choosing his birthday party a bit of a challenge as he is too little for most things he wanted to try. We go to Lemur Landings Soft Play centre regularly and Eliza had a Create a Bear party there earlier in the year for her birthday.  Much as Isaac enjoyed it, it wasn’t really something him and his friends would want to do,… Continue Reading “Young Guns!”

Eliza’s 3rd Birthday

Create a Bear

When I heard that Lemur Landings were launching their very own Create-a-Bear parties in the brand new Ted Shed I knew that would be the perfect birthday party for Eliza.  Not only did they get to stuff their very own bear, but they also got play time in the huge play frame. The children got to play in the play frame upon arrival which was a great way of burning off some steam before the serious task of choosing which… Continue Reading “Eliza’s 3rd Birthday”