My Top 5 Alternative Easter Gifts for Kids


Just walk into any supermarket and you are bombarded with shelf upon shelf of chocolate treats all ready and waiting for Easter. In our family we avoid Easter Eggs, although the kids receive them from friends and family so they do get a couple to enjoy. Instead we buy them a little gift, usually toys or clothing, depending what they want or need. Easter is the perfect time to teach children all about new life, why things grow and getting… Continue Reading “My Top 5 Alternative Easter Gifts for Kids”

LEGO® Mad with new Ninjago and Nexo Knight Costumes

Lego Ninjago

Without a shadow of a doubt, LEGO® has been a favourite toy of all my boys, with Callan starting the trend and passing it down to Kian and now Isaac. LEGO® sets have got more diverse as the boys have got older and we now have Ninjago, Marvel, Nexo Knights, Ghostbusters as well as the Star Wars sets that Callan collected when he was younger. We even collected the LEGO® Olympic Heroes sets from 2012. Now you can dress up as your favourite LEGO®… Continue Reading “LEGO® Mad with new Ninjago and Nexo Knight Costumes”

Getting in the spirit of the Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Angry Birds are everywhere at the moment and there is something about them that the kids just love. During half term Hubby took Isaac, Eliza and Kian to see Angry Birds the movie which sees the flightless birds lead a mostly happy existence, except for Red (Jason Sudeikis), who just can’t get past the daily annoyances of life. His temperament leads him to anger management class, where he meets fellow misfits Chuck (Josh Gad) and Bomb. Red becomes even more… Continue Reading “Getting in the spirit of the Angry Birds”

Taking our LEGO to Another Level

LEGO Doctor Who

We have been massive LEGO fans in our house for what feels like forever with Abbey starting with DUPLO 20 years ago and gradually handing the baton down to the younger ones over the years. Callan was the first to get really into it and has an impressive amount of LEGO Star Wars models hanging from his ceiling and proudly displayed on his shelves. These days LEGO isn’t just about building the models though, although Kian, Isaac and Eliza are… Continue Reading “Taking our LEGO to Another Level”

Getting our LEGO on at Brick 2015

Brick 2015

My boys, lets include Hubby in that statement, love LEGO! It is always a staple gift for Christmas Day and this year was no exception, which every member of the family getting LEGO in one form or another. The weekend before Christmas we got to indulge in all things LEGO at Brick 2015 and not only were there pre-built LEGO models to admire, but huge BRICK pits where there were over 3 million bricks in them and free building is positively encouraged… Continue Reading “Getting our LEGO on at Brick 2015”