Fun, Educational Quizzes for Children

My kids love playing on all forms of technology and adore it when the teachers set homework on Mathletics or Spellodrome. It always amazes me how much time they will spend on there, challenging each other or playing educational games with their friends or people from other countries. As we approaching a 3 week break for the Christmas holidays, much as I think they do need a break, I also want to keep their brains ticking over so getting them to do… Continue Reading “Fun, Educational Quizzes for Children”

The Cost of Learning to Drive

L Plate

When Callan turned 17 in June there was only one thing on his wish list – Driving Lessons! Finding a driving school that didn’t cost the earth was our first hurdle – when I learned to drive it cost me £9.50 per hour, these days it is more than double that!  Thankfully we found Flypass Driving School and Sue is a brilliant teacher for Callan and he is ready to take his driving test after just 20 hours of lessons.  His… Continue Reading “The Cost of Learning to Drive”

The Science Museum in London

After our visit to the Natural History Museum, we headed over the road to the Science Museum. Like the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum is free, although you do have to pay extra to visit the IMAX cinema and some exhibitions. Where the Science Museum excels, is in keeping children and adults interested, with interactive exhibitions that make science fun! We were here 5 hours, although it didn’t feel like it, and the children were in their element.  … Continue Reading “The Science Museum in London”

How to teach your teens to borrow safely

piggy bank

Experian credit check: a useful tool to help teens learn safe borrowing It’s easy to think that your little ones will be little forever, but there comes a point when we all have to admit to ourselves that our kiddies are growing up and will, one day, have to look after themselves in this big scary world of ours. As parents, it’s our job to prepare them for their impending independence as much as possible, and when children turn into… Continue Reading “How to teach your teens to borrow safely”