Review: Learning to drive with Young Driver

Back in 2017 Kian took part in a few Young Driver lessons which I strongly believe helped him pass his driving test first time. Isaac and Eliza have been itching to have a go too, but height restrictions and lockdown have delayed it, but yesterday we headed to Bristol for their first lesson. Young Driver offers responsible learning, in a safe, controlled environment in a fun way, to nurture the future generation of safe drivers. Isaac was first to go, accompanied by his instructor, Christian, who immediately put him at ease. You can choose either a half hour lesson, or …

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Is It Time Your Teenagers Learnt About Money?

Teenage children can be a challenge. Not just because of hormones or behaviour, some of us have perfect children that give us no trouble at all. The challenges can come due to knowing when it’s the right time to give your kids more responsibility.  This could be anything from allowing them to stay out later, to choosing their bedtimes. It could be letting them stay in the house for a night when you aren’t there, or maybe, it’s helping them learn about money.  Teaching your children about finances is vital as they grow older. By now they may have a …

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L Plate

The problem with learning to drive on public roads!

Teaching your child to learn to drive is a rite of passage for many parents. With Abbey and Callan we made sure they had a handful of lessons before taking them out to practice in their cars and we have done the same with Kian this time round, even after completing his Admiral Young Driver course.. He bought his first car a couple of weeks ago, lovingly named Minty (by me), because of its lovely pale green colour and after a service, MOT, hours of searching for the best insurance deal and tax it is finally on the road. Yesterday …

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Admiral Young Driver

Learning to drive with Admiral’s Young Driver

Learning to drive is a huge milestone in a young person’s life and now you don’t have to wait until your child is 17! Kian is 16 and over the last few months I have noticed that he is taking more and more notice of how we drive, asking questions about which pedal does what and how do we know when to change gear, so when he was invited to take part in a Young Driver lesson he was really excited. The Young Driver program is available for children and adults aged 10 and over – their oldest driver so …

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Crash, Bang, Wallop: What to Do If You Crash Your Car

A sad reality of driving is the risk of being involved in an accident and it pays to be prepared should the worst happen. Whether caused by you, or the carelessness of another driver, there are numerous things you need to do if you are involved in a car crash. Below you’ll discover everything you need to know about the proper channels to go through and what needs to be done. Stop and call 999 if needed It doesn’t matter how minor the accident might be, it is extremely important you stop at the scene. If you don’t, you’re actually …

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