10 Things That Make Your Cat Happy

Cat Food

What makes a cat happy? Cats are well-known for being amused by the weirdest of stuff, like sitting themselves down on your laptop keyboard while you’re trying to get something done or squeezing themselves into the tightest of spaces. Cats tend to be highly independent animals and even though they’ve come to accept that they do need their humans to feed them, the rest of the time, they prefer to have options when it comes to what they choose to… Continue Reading “10 Things That Make Your Cat Happy”

Teksta Newborn Kitty Review

Teksta Kitten

Isaac had been desperate for a Teksta pet since they were first launched and his wish came true when Santa brought him the Teksta Dinosaur for Christmas, but Eliza was a little miffed when she realised she didn’t get one too, but being 3 (almost4) we felt she was too young. Now, there is the perfect starter robot in the Teksta armoury – the Newborn Kitty and Newborn Puppy.  This new generation of micro robotic pets are smaller, just as… Continue Reading “Teksta Newborn Kitty Review”