4 Essential Home Improvement Ideas


Are you seeking to add some improvements to your home to increase its value? Then, this article has got you covered. When it comes to essential home improvements and remodelling, there are two main factors to take into consideration. First, whether you want to make your home more valuable to you, or second, whether you want to make it more valuable to others (that is if you’re planning to sell). Either way, the worth of your home should increase in… Continue Reading “4 Essential Home Improvement Ideas”

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Home Appliances


No matter how much care and concern you put into choosing the best appliances for your home, nothing can last forever. Even the most sophisticated washing machine or dryer can let you down unexpectedly, affecting your and your family’s habits and lifestyle. When an appliance you use regularly needs repair, you realise how much your routine can be disrupted by such a small incident. Repairing a home appliance does not always mean its efficiency will be fully restored. In some… Continue Reading “How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Home Appliances”

5 Appliance Upgrades for Busy Mothers

Mothers are precious, so is their time. Most moms are always busy and overload with work and chores at home. They are there for kids in every manner; whether it is homework, food, or a parent-teacher meeting, moms have to take care of a lot of things.  We have to understand that we, as mothers, are also human beings, and sometimes all this gets overwhelming, and it is not easy to feel like we don’t have enough time for yourself.… Continue Reading “5 Appliance Upgrades for Busy Mothers”

Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Review

Beko Coffee Machine

Are you someone that has to wake up to a fresh cup of coffee in the morning? I have to admit that I love a cup of tea in the mornings, but it is Hubby that is the coffee person in our house. We have tried instant coffee, we have tried a pod style coffee machine but in his mind, they are no substitute for the real thing. We were sent the Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine to review… Continue Reading “Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Review”

Beko Sense Temperature Control Kettle and Toaster

Beko Kettle

A kettle is just a kettle, right? Wrong! The Beko Temperature Control Kettle is much more! Offering an option of 4 temperature settings and a keep warm function that simmers your water for up to 30 minutes, this kettle helps you enjoy your hot drinks just the way you like them. Why would you want temperature settings? My kids love a cup of not-too-hot hot chocolate, so when I make it with a normal kettle, it always needs time to… Continue Reading “Beko Sense Temperature Control Kettle and Toaster”