Win a full stationery set and pencil case


As we enter an unprecedented time in the academic year, it is vital that all kids are kept motivated to continue with the schoolwork that they have been set to complete at home. Preparation is key for them and we all have a responsibility to push them towards excellence. A healthy diet, positive reinforcement and our full support to name a few. One of the ways we can do that is giving them the best equipment. Whether it is year… Continue Reading “Win a full stationery set and pencil case”

3 Top Time-Saving Tips for Busy Parents

School run

It’s never been a busier time for parents of young children, especially with the demands of modern family living piling up around school, work, and family time. It can sometimes feel as though you barely have time to breathe between all the school runs, feeding and cooking tasks, extracurricular activities, school holiday cover, and never-ending trips to the doctors or friend’s birthday parties. It’s no wonder parents get so frazzled and run out of precious time, with five minutes of… Continue Reading “3 Top Time-Saving Tips for Busy Parents”

How to ace an airport layover with kids


Do the words “layover with kids” make you want to re-think your whole holiday and pay a bit more for the direct flights? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. As an adult, long layovers are not something I look forward to and, I’m sure I’m not the only one. Now, imagine being a kid and having to wait hours on end at the airport – it doesn’t sound fun, does it? It’s important to have a plan of action (plus, a… Continue Reading “How to ace an airport layover with kids”

Ditch the screens: the benefits of traditional games


Whether it is a television, a tablet or a smartphone, it’s without a doubt that our kids always have entertainment at hand and, with so many options in one small screen, it’s understandable that traditional games have a harder time competing for our children’s attention. Let me put all my cards on the table. I don’t believe that screen time is a negative thing, it can offer wonderful interactive ways to teach and entertain our children but traditional games (that… Continue Reading “Ditch the screens: the benefits of traditional games”

How to survive a major home renovation with kids


Have you decided that you want to fully renovate your home but are having second doubts as you’re not sure how to keep both you and the kids sane during this major home remodelling project? Take a deep breath first and keep your eyes on the goal: your dream house. I’m not going to lie, a major home renovation with children has its own challenges and it will, for sure, be a bit more difficult and will most likely involve… Continue Reading “How to survive a major home renovation with kids”