Helping Kids Who Just Aren’t Into Sport Stay Active

#SSEWildcats Girls Football Club

Kids are little bundles of energy. Their default speed is “breakneck”. They never walk when they can run, they never run when they can jump and they never jump when they can cartwheel. Of course, all this energy needs to be exerted through the day, which is why sport can be such a healthy outlet. As well as keeping them physically active, it teaches them team-building and leadership skills, social skills and the power of cooperation. Yet, while enthusiasts will… Continue Reading “Helping Kids Who Just Aren’t Into Sport Stay Active”

How to dress your kids for summer

Sebby tree

We have been treated to some beautiful, warm sunny weather over the last few weeks, which has created a bit of a clothing challenge, as many of last years clothes no longer fit the kids. During the summer months, children need clothing that will protect them against the sun, keep them cool in the heat, are easily layered up for when it turns chilly and of course, look great. Top tips for dressing your child for summer Wear Cotton Clothes… Continue Reading “How to dress your kids for summer”

Educational Activities to do with Kids While Stuck at Home


Whilst the whole world is under lockdown, and we all have a lot of free time available right now, it’s a great idea to use it wisely and learn some new skills, or take part in educational activities with your kids. Not only will it benefit them in the future, but it will also help to stop the infamous words “I’m bored” being uttered every five seconds. Here are some worthwhile activities you could all take part in, as a… Continue Reading “Educational Activities to do with Kids While Stuck at Home”

It’s Time To Accept That Your Child Is Growing Up!


It’s hardly the most shocking thing in the world to say that parenting can be a pretty significant challenge. In fact, it can be one of the hardest things in the world. However, when a lot of people think about the difficulties of parenting, they tend to think about changing nappies and waking up in the night. And sure, those can be tough, but one of the hardest things for a lot of parents is what happens when their child… Continue Reading “It’s Time To Accept That Your Child Is Growing Up!”

SuperZings Series 5 have arrived!!!

Sebby Super Zing

There is one collectible out there that has really caught Sebby’s imagination and stayed with him – SuperZings! If you have not heard of the SuperZings, they are every day items transformed into super heroes and super villains and the best bit is that they really are pocket-money toys, with blind bags starting from just 80p! As they have become more popular, there are now bigger playsets in the range, so you can build your own SuperZing story around Kaboom… Continue Reading “SuperZings Series 5 have arrived!!!”