1000 Hours Outside 2020 Challenge


I have always been a champion of outdoor play with kids as it is key to their learning in every area of childhood development. Getting little ones outside is as easy as a trip to the local park, but as the kids get older they are increasingly drawn to computers and screen time and it can take some effort to get them to even consider leaving the house. Of course, they alway enjoy it when we are there! 1,000 hours… Continue Reading “1000 Hours Outside 2020 Challenge”

Keeping warm with Reima this winter

Winter is fast approaching and my thoughts have turned to the kids winter wardrobe. If your kids are anything like mine, they like to ditch their coats wherever possible, however, it is important to remember that they are less able to regulate their body temperature compared with adults. Children are naturally so active that their bodies are generating enough heat to keep them feeling warm, even if they aren’t, so making sure they are protected from the elements is key to them staying healthy.… Continue Reading “Keeping warm with Reima this winter”

Packing the perfect kids party bag

Eliza's Princess Party

I love organising children’s parties and each year I feel the need to go bigger and better. The one thing I always struggle with though is the good old party bag! Kids love a party bag, I think it is often the highlight of their day, getting to take a bag, or box full of treasure and cake home with them. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a children’s party bag and here are some of my kids… Continue Reading “Packing the perfect kids party bag”

diddi dance Introduces new video and Encourages a Love of Movement in Children

diddi dance

National toddler and pre-school dance class network, diddi dance, is leading the way in encouraging activity and movement in a fun and safe environment, and is sharing a brand new video to show parents exactly what they can expect from joining in a diddi dance class with their little ones. diddi dance offers fun and funky dance classes for the under 5s, encouraging activity and movement in a fun and safe environment.  With a new dance style introduced every half… Continue Reading “diddi dance Introduces new video and Encourages a Love of Movement in Children”

Get out and grow with Sudocrem

GOAG Goody Bag Final

There are over 2,500 varieties of apple grown in the UK alone, yet a recent study has found that less than 10% of British children can name even one of them.  It is proven that a childhood spent outdoors helps children to grow up healthier and happier, but new research shows that gardening and picking apples has become a pastime that’s as antiquated as hopscotch. Whilst 87% of British households do have a garden, it’s clear growing isn’t something that… Continue Reading “Get out and grow with Sudocrem”