Review: Osmo Genius Starter Kit

Osmo Genius Starter Kit

With the kids not going back to school for the foreseeable future, I am keen to find different learning opportunities for them. I was invited to review the Osmo Genius Starter Kit which combines physical play with the digital world, giving children everything they need to experience hands-on learning and digital fun in five different ways, including numbers, words and tangram. Osmo is a unique educational tool that opens up your iPad, or Amazon Fire, to the infinite possibilities of… Continue Reading “Review: Osmo Genius Starter Kit”

Novie Interactive Smart Robot – Review


Interactive are all the rage at the moment and for Christmas, Sebby has asked for his own robot. At the age of 6, I was worried about spending a lot of money on something and then him loosing interest 5 minutes later, so when we were sent Novie Interactive Smart Robot to review, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of features he has for the price. In the Box: 1 Novie 1 Quick Start Guide 1 Instruction Manual Novie… Continue Reading “Novie Interactive Smart Robot – Review”

Build your own unique 3D craft collectible with EUGY


Do your kids like crafting? Eliza loves to build and make things, however, can lose interest very quickly if things are too complicated or tricky to do. Introducing EUGY 3D model collectables from Brainstorm. These beautifully detailed, yet simplified miniature animal figures are so easy to build. Made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable card with natural eco-friendly ink and non-toxic glue, simply pop out the shapes from the card and put them in left and right piles in number order. The… Continue Reading “Build your own unique 3D craft collectible with EUGY”

Season 2 SuperZings are here

Super Zings Blind Bag

There is a new collectibles craze at school – the SuperZings! SuperZings are every day items transformed into super heroes and super villains and have seemed to catch the attention of both boys and girls. With the new term commencing this week, season 2 SuperZings are out now, ready for all the fun of ‘swapsies’, Exciting new features in series 2 include a brand new ‘SuperCrystal’ finish, new hideouts and super cool play sets offering children added play value. The great thing about Super Zings… Continue Reading “Season 2 SuperZings are here”

Fairy Light Garden Giveaway

Fairy Light Garden

The new Fairy Light Garden from best-selling My Fairy Garden range is the ultimate grow and play set. The home of Fairy Belle and Fairy Elvie with Unicorn Foal and Hedgehog, it has wonderful secret spaces and cute accessory play pieces. The enchanted fairy mushroom home that doubles as a night-light…just blow on the magic candle through the window to make it light up, accompanied by gentle harp music! The gentle illumination is also ideal as a nightlight, helping kids… Continue Reading “Fairy Light Garden Giveaway”