Space saving ideas for your kids’ room

Your kid’s room is usually the smallest bedroom and yet they also often have the most stuff! It does not take long for a child to completely fill these small spaces with toys and books and games. Efficient storage is essential, so here are some tips on how to save space and effectively make use of their room. 1. Save on floor space with a high-rise bed It is important to leave plenty of floor space for your children to play, as this also helps keep toys and playtime out of the rest of the house! The best solution for …

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Ideas for decorating the kid’s bedroom

With the days starting to get a little shorter, it seems like the perfect time to have a think about how we can make our children’s bedroom a little cosier for the winter months. Decorating a kid’s bedroom is certainly much more fun than other rooms in the house, as this is an area where we can all use our imaginations to create some designs that are full of colour and wonder. Whilst there are always items like children’s desks and beds that need careful consideration, for many other areas, we can get the kids involved in some great craft …

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