Review: John Adams Secret Science Kit

Secret Science Set

At the age of 9, Eliza is at the age where she loves doing science experiments as well as crafting things to gift to her friends, so when we were sent the Secret Science Kit to review, I knew she would love it. This top secret science set will help kids to explore and learn about coding, circuitry and secret messaging with 8 amazing top secret activities. Secret Science Activities The set comes with clear instructions about how to conduct all… Continue Reading “Review: John Adams Secret Science Kit”

Review: Beating Heart from John Adams

Beating Heart

Isaac is now at secondary school and has been learning about the systems of the human body and this week his home learning involved making a cell. We were invited to review Beating Heart from John Adams, which is a brilliant way of explaining how the heart pumps blood through the body. The set helps you create a squelchy, beating heart, with the aid of water and balloons! Construct each half of the heart, attach the pump tubes and fill… Continue Reading “Review: Beating Heart from John Adams”

Review: Rainbow Science from John Adams

Rainbow Science

Rainbows are everywhere at the moment, so when we were invited to review the Rainbow Science Kit from John Adams, I thought it would be a lovely activity for the kids to try. Rainbow Science is a science kit aimed at kids over 8, which helps you do 5 rainbow-themed experiments: Blow a cascading rainbow of bubbles Paint augmented reality rainbows in the air Create a magical unicorn hologram Make a colourful amulet Create a bright walking water rainbow flower… Continue Reading “Review: Rainbow Science from John Adams”

Win some fab new games from Rubik’s

Rubik’s has just launched lots of new, exciting products for 2019 and I have two items from the fab new range to giveaway to one lucky reader. Rubik’s Cage Rubik’s Cage is a fun and strategic game of Tic, Tac, toe for up to 4 players. It may seem easy to get 3 in a row but you can twist and turn the cube to free-shuffle the game and deter your opponent. You can even flip the cube upside down… Continue Reading “Win some fab new games from Rubik’s”

Great British John Adams Bake Off #GBJABO

Chocolate Lolly Maker

With the Great British Bake Off being headline news at the moment, the team at John Adams set us their very own #GBJABO challenge, with some of their new food related sets. Isaac was keen to try mix his very own own delicious candy flavoured drinks with MixUbbles Candy Flavour Drinks Maker (SSP £19.99) and it was surprisingly easy to use. Simply fill the mixing cup included with water or lemonade, then load the special MixUbble character with powdered flavouring… Continue Reading “Great British John Adams Bake Off #GBJABO”