Helping Your Teenager Find and Prepare for their First Job

An important transition that will have your teenager feel like part of the adult world is their first job. It allows your daughter/son independence, teaches them about responsibilities and money management and is a really good idea so long as they have the time to continue focusing on their studies and social life. Working through your teens also provides you with valuable work experience which can be invaluable for future job searches e.g. to help them through university and beyond.… Continue Reading “Helping Your Teenager Find and Prepare for their First Job”

What Kind of Jobs Will a Professional Handyman Do for You?


A whole generation of dedicated DIYers seems to have come and gone. At one time, it would have been seen as an admission of failure to “get a man in”, but that’s steadily becoming the norm. It’s the era of the professional handyman. Professional or Amateur? As the Telegraph points out, we’re abandoning DIY skills in droves. Some of this is because we have less free time between juggling work and leisure, especially if we’re making a real effort to… Continue Reading “What Kind of Jobs Will a Professional Handyman Do for You?”

The role of SENCO


SENCO stands for special educational needs coordinator. A SENCO’s role is to ensure a school meets the educational needs of a child with SEN (special educational needs). All mainstream primary and secondary schools (schools funded by the government) must have a SENCO. The roles of a teacher and a SENCO are very similar and, as such, the job can only be done by a qualified or nearly qualified teacher with two years’ teaching experience, a head teacher or appointed acting… Continue Reading “The role of SENCO”

My 1st JCB Big Wheeler Doug Review

Are you on the lookout for stocking fillers for your little one? My 1st JCB Big Wheeler Doug is a super sized ‘Kid Tough’ character! Sebastian loves charging around the lounge pushing him along and then piling up his bucket with bricks and then tipping it up! Doug’s big chunky big wheels are ready for any indoor or outdoor challenge!   Small world toys, such as Doug, require children to use imagination, language, finding out about the world, and even… Continue Reading “My 1st JCB Big Wheeler Doug Review”

Back into a Routine

knob throwing

Regular readers of my blog may have noticed that Hubby has been featuring on my blog more than usual and we have been off an experiencing some fabulous local days out. I have also kept it quite light as it was my escape from everything that was happening at home, but the truth is we were having a tough time as hubby lost his job at the beginning of February. Out of respect for his feelings, he asked me not… Continue Reading “Back into a Routine”