Back to school with a bump!

The day has finally arrived…….. Kian is back to school, but a day in front of his peers……. Why? He is off to Paris (and then Disneyland) on a school trip. We bought his new uniform and school shoes at the beginning of last week, but upon checking his school bag I panicked slightly when I discovered it was literally falling to bits. Being a teenager, Kian has a very clear idea about what he does and doesn’t want these… Continue Reading “Back to school with a bump!”

Shopping for Teenage Boys

I have two teenage boys and seem to find shopping for things they like is getting increasingly difficult. Back in the summer I went shopping for Callan’s prom suit and found it a real challenge finding something that a) Fits b) looked how he wanted it to look.  Thankfully, after much searching we found him a suit and he got to wear it again for Sebastian’s Christening. Gone are the days of being able to pick up a pair of trousers… Continue Reading “Shopping for Teenage Boys”