Trans-Vaginal Tape (TVT) Surgery: what you need to know

Meshes For Hernia

Recently, the use of mesh in surgery and the companies who manufacture it, such as Johnson & Johnson, have been a regular feature in the national news. Many women, including a dear friend, have bravely spoken out about how one particular kind of mesh procedure, trans-vaginal tape (TVT) surgery, has affected them. Women may have this surgery to tackle incontinence problems that can arise after being pregnant or having a hysterectomy. Like many other people, I was shocked to learn… Continue Reading “Trans-Vaginal Tape (TVT) Surgery: what you need to know”

It Asda Go Wrong Somewhere!

I have been a massive fan of online shopping for a number of years.  I have become the master of hunting down a bargain and love the convenience of having it delivered straight to my door.  Actually traipsing around the shops fills me with dread these days, mainly because I know that it will involve a small person either announcing they need a wee in the most inconvenient location, or screaming because I refuse to buy them x, y or… Continue Reading “It Asda Go Wrong Somewhere!”

School Troubles!


If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that Isaac has been having some issues at school.  This was going to be a ranty post, but as the week has played out things seem to be improving and it is all thanks to the school working closely with us as his parents. It has been a frustrating few weeks, Isaac seems to have a number of good days at school and then something is triggered in… Continue Reading “School Troubles!”