Keeping you family safe online with F-Secure


 Do you know how safe you and your family are online? In a world where we spend an increasing amount of time online, connecting to our loved ones, sharing images on social media, doing our shopping, banking and even asking search engines random questions we wouldn’t ask anyone else, do you worry how secure your personal data is? It’s important to keep all our devices protected and our information private as there are all sorts of threats out there that… Continue Reading “Keeping you family safe online with F-Secure”

Mpow 2 in 1 Clip-on Lens for the iPhone

I love a gadget and one that will turn my iphone photo’s into masterpieces really caught my attention. I was offered the Mpow 2 in 1 Clip-on Lens to review and I could not wait to test it out over the half term break. The product description states that the lens is designed for high megapixel photography & video camera use. The HD lens minimises lens glare, reflection, ghosting and other artifacts for superb clarity and top-grade aluminium construction increases the durability… Continue Reading “Mpow 2 in 1 Clip-on Lens for the iPhone”

RAVPower for the Smartest and Fastest Portable Charger

My old iPhone 5 was the bane of my life.  The battery life was pretty much non-existent as a full charge would last less than two hours at the end.  I did have a Mophie charging pack but that also went kaput thanks to a puddle drop so I was on the look out for a new charging pack when I was offered the RAVPower 15000 aAh portable charger –  the smartest and fastest portable charger. Unlike my previous charging packs this… Continue Reading “RAVPower for the Smartest and Fastest Portable Charger”

Veeemotion Mobile App Review

I love sharing videos. I either share short snippets on instagram which are limited to 10 seconds or have been known to spend hours cobbling together various clips I have shot through the day of our days out and then upload them to YouTube. I was only chatting to hubby the other day saying that there was a real gap in the market for a video app that had the same type of social sharing angle as instagram.  Then we… Continue Reading “Veeemotion Mobile App Review”