Keeping you family safe online with F-Secure


 Do you know how safe you and your family are online? In a world where we spend an increasing amount of time online, connecting to our loved ones, sharing images on social media, doing our shopping, banking and even asking search engines random questions we wouldn’t ask anyone else, do you worry how secure your personal data is? It’s important to keep all our devices protected and our information private as there are all sorts of threats out there that… Continue Reading “Keeping you family safe online with F-Secure”

Anki Overdrive Review

Anki Overdrive

My most wanted toy as a child was a Scalextric and I remember asking Father Christmas for one for a number of years. Finally my wish was granted, sort of, as my step-brother got one and we spent hours setting it up and racing the cars around the track, so much that the brushes wore out on the bottom of the cars. Things have moved on from the 70’s now and my kids are more interested in racing cars around… Continue Reading “Anki Overdrive Review”

Frankie and Bailey Cosy Holders for Tablets and E-Readers

Do you take your iPad or tablet in the car to keep the kids amused on long journeys? Do you worry about them getting a sore neck? Let me introduce you to Cosy Holder – a fun yet practical soft tablet and ebook holder. It’s removeable carry strap means it’s ideal for home or travel and the padded accessory pouch is useful for bits and bobs and can even hold an iPad Mini, small tablet or eBook. Cosy Holder comes in… Continue Reading “Frankie and Bailey Cosy Holders for Tablets and E-Readers”

BLOK protective cases for your iPad

Blok iPad Case

Logitech has created a tablet case that is made to be dropped – the BLOK protective iPad case. The BLOK has been tested to heights of 1.8 meters onto surfaces as hard as concrete, BLOK will protect your iPad from whatever day to day life brings. In addition to the protective shell, BLOK has an integrated cover and an any-angle stand. It additionally offers a detachable iPad Bluetooth® keyboard, ensuring that you can connect to any device at any time. The BLOK is… Continue Reading “BLOK protective cases for your iPad”

Travel entertainment for the family


With the summer holidays finally here, many families will be taking the iconic British summer holiday. And whilst it can be the best of times, the actual journey between your home and your destination can often be somewhat stressful. So what better way to keep tempers from fraying than to invest in a few travel entertainment ideas? Travel tech There’s a whole host of handy and portable technology available nowadays that should ensure that you and your little ones are… Continue Reading “Travel entertainment for the family”