Hop into Easter with Betsy the Club Petz Bunny

Club Petz Bunny

Last summer we looked after our friends rabbits whilst on holiday and like many children, Eliza loved the idea of cuddling them, but was less than enthusiastic about cleaning them out. Add this to the fact that they also dug up half the garden, we made the decision that rabbits are not for us, much to her dismay. Now Eliza can have her wish of her very own bunny with Betsy the Club Petz Bunny that we have been sent… Continue Reading “Hop into Easter with Betsy the Club Petz Bunny”

Smart Globe Explorer from Oregon Scientific Review

Smart Globe

The kids love learning about the world we live in and finding where the countries are that we have visited on a map or globe. Currently Isaac is learning all about Finland and they are doing a project comparing daylight hours and temperatures between Finland and the UK as their teachers Dad lives over there. We have been sent the Smart Globe Explorer to review and it is a great addition to his learning. The globe itself comes with a wireless… Continue Reading “Smart Globe Explorer from Oregon Scientific Review”

A Visit to Dynamic Earth – Edinburgh

A Visit to Dynamic Earth - Edinburgh

On our final day of our visit to Scotland we let the kids decide where they wanted to visit and they all chose to return to Edinburgh as they wanted to go to Dynamic Earth. I bargained for a walk up Arthur’s Seat with them first as Dynamic Earth is part of the Holyrood estate and is sat at the base of the hill, next door to the Scottish Parliament building. Thankfully the cost of parking was a lot more… Continue Reading “A Visit to Dynamic Earth – Edinburgh”

How to hatch your new #Hatchimal Toy


Hatchimals from Spin Master are interactive magical creatures inside eggs and have been voted one of the top toys for Christmas 2016. Who’s inside? It’s a surprise! We were sent a Hatchimal to review and the kids were really excited to learn how the creature would hatch. Before it can hatch, you have to play with the egg by tilting, tapping, touching and rubbing the base of the egg. You are rewarded by glowing eyes, chatter and even songs. The… Continue Reading “How to hatch your new #Hatchimal Toy”

#Win Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars with #disneyinteractiveCM

Did you know that there is a Disney Games website, which hosts a range of interactive games, that are a fantastic way to show off your children’s skills. With Disney Games, your kids can play loads of free online games from all their favourite Disney shows and movies. Whether your little ones love action, puzzles, or adventure, Disney Games has them covered. The games on the website are all free to play and you can select them via your favourite characters, or by their… Continue Reading “#Win Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars with #disneyinteractiveCM”