Dining Options at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

We have recently returned from an amazing 7 days at Walt Disney World and we saved a fortune on food and drink with the Disney Dining Plan. If you are looking for a great value way to budget meals without compromising on quality, flexibility or choice then the Disney Dining Plan is for you and is exclusively available to Disney Resort Hotel guests for FREE when booking a holiday to Walt Disney World by 19th October 2017, for stays from… Continue Reading “Dining Options at Walt Disney World”

Do you know your Wash Care Symbols?

LG Washing Machine

I am normally so careful with my washing. I separate the colours, wash whites together and almost always check the washing instructions, especially when I first buy an item of clothing. Now that I tend to buy our clothes online I always forget to check the washing instructions before I hit purchase and carelessly bought two tops that were hand wash only. Now, that is fine when I am doing the washing as I know that these tops need to… Continue Reading “Do you know your Wash Care Symbols?”

uHoo Pet Guide for Kids with Asthma

This infographic, created by uHoo, shows you the best and worst pets for kids with asthma. This would certainly help you decide which ones to get for your child. uHoo is a smart indoor air quality sensing device that alerts you if the level of pet dander or dust in your home is increasing so you can do something about it and protect yourself and your children from asthma. Do check out uHoo to learn more about how you can prevent yourself… Continue Reading “uHoo Pet Guide for Kids with Asthma”