A Christmas Washout

Christmas Day

Despite all our best plans this year, for us, Christmas Day and the subsequent days that followed have been a bit of a washout. The dreaded lurgy has hit the house! I am not talking about a bit of a cold, but whatever found its way in to infect the family has knocked everyone (except for me), for six. Hubby has a bit of a stomach bug last week which we put down to a dodgy pasty, but thought nothing… Continue Reading “A Christmas Washout”

Feeling Guilty

Poorly toddler

How many times have you visited the Doctor with a poorly child only to be sent away with a flea in your ear and the advice to: Give plenty of fluids Use Calpol / ibuprofen to reduce the fever In my case it is a fair few times despite only ever phoning to make an appointment if I am really worried. Last week was horrendous!  I don’t get ill often and battle through as us mothers have to, but when… Continue Reading “Feeling Guilty”

Making it better??

Travelling by Train

It’s that time of year when the kids appear to be bringing every single bug possible home from school.  Isaac is now at the age where he doesn’t seem to go down with them as often as Eliza and Sebastian as his immunity is quite strong but I am sure that he takes part in the sharing. We started off this term with nasty colds and coughs which have thankfully gone now, but have been left with a nasty bout of… Continue Reading “Making it better??”