Unique Anniversary Gifts for the Couple Who (Seem to) Have It All


Picking out an exceptional anniversary gift that’ll thrill both halves of a couple is no easy feat. After all, no one wants to be responsible for that gift that’ll sit at the back of the wardrobe forever. So, what do you do when you’re faced with buying a spectacular anniversary present for a best friend or parent that already seems to have everything? Easy — just consult this list of unique anniversary gifts for the couple who has it all!… Continue Reading “Unique Anniversary Gifts for the Couple Who (Seem to) Have It All”

6 Children’s Party Ideas That You Should Have

Bouncy castle

How do you ensure that your children’s birthday party is the best in the neighbourhood? There is no right answer, other than simply making sure that all of the kids who attend have a great time and in dire need of an early night! When you are tasked with throwing an unforgettable birthday party for your young son or daughter, you, of course, want the day to be perfect. Although the party will only last a few hours, the planning… Continue Reading “6 Children’s Party Ideas That You Should Have”

Summer craft ideas for you and the kids


Sometimes the weather doesn’t always allow those promised days of sandcastles on the beach or walks in the park so you have to improvise with some crafty days inside, sticking fingers together and getting generally messy. But if you’re stuck for projects for you and the kids to undertake, try out some of these great ideas: Pretty pinwheels Is the weather looking particularly breezy out there? Then take advantage of it by making pinwheels and placing these in the flowerbeds… Continue Reading “Summer craft ideas for you and the kids”

12 Great Gift Ideas for Older Relatives

Gift Basket

Buying presents for older relatives such as grandparents or great aunties and uncles either for special occasions or just to say thank you can be difficult. They may have accrued a lot of possessions in their lifetime to cause you to ask ‘what do you get the person who has everything?’ Well, there are avenues you can go down. Below is a list of suggestions, one of which could make for the perfect present, if not, they will at least… Continue Reading “12 Great Gift Ideas for Older Relatives”

Budget busting activities for children


Coming up with imaginative ways to keep the children entertained can seem an uphill struggle. You’d think it would be easy. Access any local listings site and you’ll be bombarded with loads of interesting activities that your children will just love. But everything comes at a cost. Exciting days out to theme parks, adventure breaks at outward bound centres, and even a family excursion to the cinema all come with a hefty price tag. You don’t have to be the Chancellor… Continue Reading “Budget busting activities for children”