Preparing for a teenagers birthday

I love organising children’s birthday parties but when they get to a certain age they stop. Initially birthdays morph into bowling or cinema with a bite to eat afterwards but the teenage years are much more awkward to arrange for. We have always struggled organising parties for Kian as his birthday falls at the end of August, long after the kids have broken up from school and still a good week or so until they return and with the best will in the world, busy parents often forget any parties arranged so far into the holidays. When asked what he …

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iCOMBAT Bournemouth Review

My boys adored Laser Quest and for a few years they were the birthday party of choice. As they have got older they still enjoyed it but wanted something more and that more has just arrived! iCOMBAT! iCOMBAT is the future of live action gaming with the most realistic combat simulation in the world today and we were among the first to try it at Laser Quest in Bournemouth It was abundantly clear that hubby and Kian were planning on taking the game very seriously from the start and with scenarios which include: Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Zombie, Medic, …

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