#Win a Potty Training Pack from Huggies

Followers of my blog will know I was potty training Sebastian over the summer holidays. Although I say he is potty trained now, since starting school he has had a few wobbly moments where we have a couple of days of accidents and then he goes back to being ok again. Potty training is probably my least favourite parenting task and it takes bucket loads of patience, a vat of disinfectant and the eyes of an owl to catch them… Continue Reading “#Win a Potty Training Pack from Huggies”

We’re Huggies® Pull-Ups® Ambassadors!


Potty training is my least favourite parenting trial – FACT! You would think that the fact I have done it five times already would make me a dab hand at it, but, every child is different and throw up their own set of problems. Eliza took to it really well but Isaac was a whole different kettle of fish and refused point-blank to do a number two on either the toilet or the potty. Now it is Sebby’s turn. We… Continue Reading “We’re Huggies® Pull-Ups® Ambassadors!”

Start a Habit That Lasts a Lifetime and teach your little ones to swim!

Underwater photo

This month HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® has launched a new campaign to inspire parents to reap the many benefits and go swimming more often. The Start a Habit That Lasts a Lifetime campaign aims to encourage parents to take their little ones swimming from an early age to impart this vital life skill. Katie says: ‘By taking your little one swimming from an early age, it increases their confidence in the water which means that they are safer.  Water safety is… Continue Reading “Start a Habit That Lasts a Lifetime and teach your little ones to swim!”