Dear Teenager………..


Over the Christmas holidays my two teenage boys spent more time together than they have in a long time and it seems that their bad habits seem to have rubbed off on one another. I do feel like I am constantly nagging them in one way or another and am normally met with a grunt which actually means “I will do it later”, although later never seems to come or just a roll of the eyes and a shrug of… Continue Reading “Dear Teenager………..”

How to test drive a new car – advice from the experts

new car

Any dealer worth their salt is going to welcome your request to test drive a car, but how do you make the most of your test driving experience and find out what you need to know in about 30 minutes? Although a lot of your searching for a new car can be done online, and websites such as even allow you to search multiple dealerships from the comfort of your own home, the one thing that will really tell you… Continue Reading “How to test drive a new car – advice from the experts”