Keeping the mess under control this Christmas


Christmas is less than a month away and already my thoughts have turned towards organising the house. Our house is fairly small and we have to juggle the furniture around just to fit in the tree, so it’s the perfect time for a pre-christmas sort out. The kids are encouraged to donate any unwanted toys and books to the school Christmas fayre or the charity shop and last years outgrown winter clothes are handed down to family friends. Moving the… Continue Reading “Keeping the mess under control this Christmas”

Beko SteamXtra™ Generator Iron Review

Top of my housework dislikes has to be ironing! It’s not like I cannot iron, my Mum had me ironing as a child, practicing on pillowcases and duvet covers and I used to quite enjoy it, but as I have got older it is one of those chores that I always procrastinate over and it isn’t until Hubby informs me he has no more work shirts that I break my iron out of hibernation. Beko is a brand I have… Continue Reading “Beko SteamXtra™ Generator Iron Review”

The all new Polti Moppy

Polti Moppy

‘Keeping the house clean when the kids are growing, is like shovelling snow whilst it’s still snowing’ I have this quote on my fridge and it is so very true. I swear that the kids literally follow behind me and mess up anything I have just cleaned up and the bottom of the laundry basket is only visible for mere seconds! I have vinyl and tile flooring downstairs in my house and swear by two things to keep it clean… Continue Reading “The all new Polti Moppy”

10 Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring cleaning is one of those jobs few people look forward to but will immediately feel the benefits once it’s done. In fact, once you get into it you may find you enjoy some aspects. Either way, the relaxing feel of a deeply cleansed home cannot be beaten. So, whether you live in six bedroom mansion, posh Urbanest student apartment or two up two down, don’t put it off – get the Spring Clean done early so you can enjoy… Continue Reading “10 Spring Cleaning Tips”

Housework can wait!

I saw a tweet yesterday that really got me thinking……. “Everyone seems to post about lovely days out and all I ever seem to do is be stuck up home doing housework ! I’m really unhappy at the mo “ My reply was…… “It is too easy to stay at home sometimes – the housework can wait – get out and have fun xxx“ The conversation was then joined in by others, some with the same reasoning as me, others… Continue Reading “Housework can wait!”