How to survive a major home renovation with kids


Have you decided that you want to fully renovate your home but are having second doubts as you’re not sure how to keep both you and the kids sane during this major home remodelling project? Take a deep breath first and keep your eyes on the goal: your dream house. I’m not going to lie, a major home renovation with children has its own challenges and it will, for sure, be a bit more difficult and will most likely involve… Continue Reading “How to survive a major home renovation with kids”

Why black is the must-have ironmongery trend for 2020


The start of a new decade is definitely the spot-on moment to give your home a refresh. If you are thinking of upgrading your home or changing up some bits to give it a fresh new look, why not focus on the ironmongery of your house? All those little details of your home, such as door handles and door hinges, can have a great impact on the overall look of your interiors. Rita Konig, interior designer, highlights the importance of… Continue Reading “Why black is the must-have ironmongery trend for 2020”

Keeping Your Hallway Organised During Busy Family Life


When you have a family it can be incredibly difficult to keep the house organised. One area which is particularly bad is the hallway as this becomes a dumping ground as soon as people get home so it can quickly become filled up with coats, shoes, bags and anything else that people want to be rid of when they get in.  So, how can you keep this space organised? There are a few good storage solutions which will help to… Continue Reading “Keeping Your Hallway Organised During Busy Family Life”

Changing the way we light our home with Philips Hue

Philips Hue

When we bought our house it was a bit of a fixer upper and 12 years on we have replaced everything that needed to be done. Hubby and the teens love their gadgets and have always been fascinated by technology for the home, but if I am honest I always assumed it would mean fitting dozens of cables and various gadgets around the home. We were sent Philips Hue to set up and try in our house. Philips Hue is… Continue Reading “Changing the way we light our home with Philips Hue”

As Easy as Riding a Bike…


Learning to ride a bike is one of life’s big milestones. It will be fresh in your memory if you’ve recently let go of the saddle for one of your children. Or maybe you remember your own first set of wheels…? There’s a whole host of memories like this that are attached to ‘things’ –whether it’s your first bike, first car, photographs, childrens’ drawings, a favourite toy or teddy, souvenirs… While these possessions are unlikely to have the financial value… Continue Reading “As Easy as Riding a Bike…”