Got A Hobby? Why Not Sell It?

Everyone has hobbies that they want to play around with from time to time. Whether it’s painting or singing, attending adult gymnastics or even kicking butt in karate, we all have hobbies that pique our interests and make us feel relaxed. But what if you were so good at your hobbies that you could sell them and earn money from them? The pandemic taught many people that they could monetise their interests, but it was a lockdown fling that they flung away once life started opening up again. Most people don’t get into canvas printing to make money, they do …

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Moors Valley

6 Hobbies to Try this Spring

Spring is an exciting time. As winter turns to summer, we forget about the post-Christmas slump, enjoy all the chocolate that Easter brings, and, fingers crossed, hope for a few months of sun. Spring is a good time to embark on some new hobbies. As the weather gets warmer, there is more opportunity for outdoor activity and other hobbies which you can pick up and get well-versed in in time for summer. Here are a few possible hobbies which will help you enjoy spring all the more. Photography Spring is one of the more beautiful of the months. Spring flowers …

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