Can Walt Disney World keep everyone happy? – Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

If there is one thing that Walt Disney World is, it is fun for ALL the family. During our holiday we saw the parks being enjoyed by everyone from young couples to multi-generational families, complete with t-shirts with their family name on and badges displaying how many visits they had made. I even saw one with “60 visits”. Travelling with two boys, aged 4 and 9, plus a girl of 6 we often come up against one of them not… Continue Reading “Can Walt Disney World keep everyone happy? – Magic Kingdom”

Pretty Poor Planning


My family always joke with me that I have “pretty poor planning” as three of our children have June birthday’s, along with mine and then it is Hubby’s and our wedding anniversary following straight after in July! Now that Isaac’s birthday is out of the way I have started to think about presents for these birthday’s and I have to admit I am a bit stuck. Abbey will be 22 and has just moved into her first proper flat and… Continue Reading “Pretty Poor Planning”