Win a Thinking Slimmer Drop Two Dress Sizes Slimpod

I have been a fan of Thinking Slimmer for 4 years and have successfully used it to loose baby weight after having Sebastian and Eliza. I have tried and failed most diets that around – I just don’t like being told what I can and cannot eat.  Thinking Slimmer is different to anything else I have tried. Just imagine: No more yo-yo diets. No more feeling guilty. No more snacking. No more misery. You are in control of food! It’s… Continue Reading “Win a Thinking Slimmer Drop Two Dress Sizes Slimpod”

Decision Making


I like to think I am quite good at making decisions – years of having to think on your feet at work has definitely helped in that respect. It wasn’t always that way though! Looking back at my teenage and young adult years I did make some pretty ropey decisions, which although put me through a hideous period of my life, also made me who I am today and that is certainly someone who doesn’t make decisions lightly. I am… Continue Reading “Decision Making”

Helping your teen deal with a break-up


Parenting teens can be really hard.  Not only are there all the emotions to contend with but life does get more complicated the older you get and when you add a first love in the mix! Most of us can remember how painfully sad we felt after our first breakup.  I know I certainly didn’t take it well and went to pieces with my mum and step-dad unhelpfully telling me it wasn’t real love and there was plenty more fish… Continue Reading “Helping your teen deal with a break-up”

How to decrease your carbon footprint


The UK has made a commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. There is significant variation in the figures advising on annual per capita carbon emissions, ranging from the government’s current average of 7.1 tonnes of CO2 to as much as 14 tonnes. The official figures do not include a range of inputs like air travel. To reach the proposed goal, everyone will need to act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Making energy savings in the home is… Continue Reading “How to decrease your carbon footprint”

Who can fix my car?

Just before Christmas I was told my nearside rear brake light was out.  I sighed and trundled along to Halfords to buy a new bulb for the brake light and also the side lights which were playing up as well.  The assistant helped me change my bulbs but they still wouldn’t work so we changed the fuse to see if that was the problem. It blew straight away and it was then we realised I had a big problem.  My… Continue Reading “Who can fix my car?”