A Helicopter Flight over the Jurassic Coast

We live in Dorset and our happy place is the World Heritage Site Jurassic Coast. The Jurassic Coast stretches from Exmouth in East Devon to Studland Bay in Poole, a distance of about 96 miles. Why the Jurassic coast is so special is that it spans 185 million years of geological history and coastal erosion has exposed an almost continuous sequence of rock formation covering the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. At different times, this area has been desert, shallow tropical sea and marsh, and the fossilised remains of the various creatures that lived here have been preserved in the rocks …

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Propel RC now in the UK!

On Saturday we were lucky enough to be invited to the RAF Museum in London for the UK product launch of Propel, America’s leading premium supplier of RC products.  We were promised flying fun alongside face painting model making and dressing up and they didn’t disappoint. When we arrived Kian and Isaac were instantly distracted by all the radio controlled products that were flying around, whereas Eliza was more keen to have her face painted. Kian headed straight into some NForce helicopter training.  The RC Helicopter is stable, nimble and impressive! It features a built-in gyroscopic chip for extreme stability …

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