Fun ways to keep the kids fit and active


Children need physical activity to build coordination, strength and confidence and whilst they do a variety of activities, sports, and games at school, it is important that they continue this at home too. Getting the kids involved in physical activities not only helps keep them fit and healthy, but also lays the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle as they get older. There are lots of fun ways to keep your kids moving at home and they often burn more calories… Continue Reading “Fun ways to keep the kids fit and active”

The Return of Heelys!


Do you remember Heelys? They first came out in the year 2000 but I first remember them being popular around 2004 with both Abbey and Callan owning a pair, along with most of their age group who used to zoom around the aisles in our local supermarket as the floors were perfect for wheeling around. Well now they are back with a vengeance with Proline Skates stocking a colourful range for both boys and girls with several of Isaac’s class… Continue Reading “The Return of Heelys!”