Family Essentials for a Safe Day in the Sun

Are you counting down to the summer holidays? Whether you’re planning a staycation and making a list of all the fun things you want to do locally, or you’re excited about jetting off overseas and soaking up some much-needed sun, sea and white coloured sand, there’s nothing better than time away from the humdrum of everyday life. While we’re all excited to enjoy the sunshine, we must remember to put our well-being and our family’s health first. This means taking… Continue Reading “Family Essentials for a Safe Day in the Sun”

Top tips for keeping babies safe in hot weather

Over the last few days since the hot weather arrived, I have seen numerous people sharing a post that advises people not to cover their baby’s car seat or pram with a blanket, for fear of them overheating. Whilst I agree that using a thick, woolly blanket is not ideal, exposing a baby to the sun’s harmful rays is just as dangerous as children cannot produce melanin, needed to help prevent the skin from sun damage, until they are at… Continue Reading “Top tips for keeping babies safe in hot weather”