Is eating a vegan diet a healthy choice?


Eating a vegan diet is a health trend that does not appear to be going away anytime soon, with many fast food chains now offering vegan options these days. But, are there any real health benefits to following a vegan diet? Vegans don’t eat any red meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish or crustacea, eggs, dairy or animal by-products (such as gelatine, often found in sweets, desserts and even some alcoholic drinks), which leaves their diet almost completely plant based with… Continue Reading “Is eating a vegan diet a healthy choice?”

Taking the Stronger Bones Challenge with YAZOO KiDS


Did you know that childhood, adolescence and early adulthood up to the mid-20s, when the skeleton is growing, are the time for building strong bones? There are a two ways that we can ensure that our kids develop strong muscles and bones: Physical activity and eating a healthy, balanced diet. The Change4Life campaign gives families fun ideas to help kids stay active and healthy, with exercise challenges and advise on how to cut back on sugar by making a few simple… Continue Reading “Taking the Stronger Bones Challenge with YAZOO KiDS”

Eat like a pro with Beko


Eat Like a Pro is a global campaign to encourage families to eat healthier. Every year, stats show that children are eating worse – less fresh vegetables, less fruit and fish, and more fat and sugar and I have been concerned about what my children have been eating for some time. Working part time, with the kids doing after-school clubs every evening after school, I find it tricky to ensure they get a healthy, balanced diet and trying to get the… Continue Reading “Eat like a pro with Beko”

Food Shopping, Paleo Style: What You Need to Get Started Right

If you’re living the Paleo lifestyle, there’s a simple technique you can use to make your grocery shopping quicker and simpler. Most grocery stores keep their produce, animal proteins and dairy around the perimeter of the store, and that’s where you’re going to do most of your shopping, with the occasional, but brief, dip into the aisles. As a paleo lover you should try at least one new recipe each week, that way you won’t get bored with your diet… Continue Reading “Food Shopping, Paleo Style: What You Need to Get Started Right”

Junk Food Kids – shock tactics or a grim reality?

Last week we watched the Channel 4 program Junk Food Kids where it was revealed that a third of British children are overweight or obese. The series asks how the epidemic happened and what can be done and I have to admit we were shocked by what we saw. There was the mum who let her kids graze on everything from sushi to orange juice and chocolate as they did their weekly shop, another who attended a doctors meeting with… Continue Reading “Junk Food Kids – shock tactics or a grim reality?”