‘Get Lippy’ for the Eve Appeal

Womens Health

This May, 10% of sales of YES VM and YES VM apps will go to The Eve Appeal, a charity which works to raise awareness of the five gynaecological cancers. The charity’s campaign ‘Get Lippy’ is all about encouraging brands to shout loud about women’s health issues.  The only UK charity raising awareness and funding research into gynae cancers (womb, ovarian, cervical, vaginal and vulval), The Eve Appeal was set up to save women’s lives. 2019 is the second year… Continue Reading “‘Get Lippy’ for the Eve Appeal”

Alchemlife PhytoRelief-CC® – natural seasonal immunity support

Phytonrelief CC

Working in the early years sector is a very rewarding job, but that age group are notoriously susceptible to picking up all kinds of bugs and it can leave us constantly feeling that we are fighting off one thing or another. I am a fan of natural remedies as a whole as already take turmeric to help relieve inflammation of my joints caused by arthritis, so when I was invited to try Alchemlife PhytoRelief-CC®, a natural seasonal immunity support lozenge which contains… Continue Reading “Alchemlife PhytoRelief-CC® – natural seasonal immunity support”

Top Tips To Help Kids Deal With Hay Fever


Do your children battle with runny noses and itching eyes and endless sneezing in the summer? Then in all probability, they suffer from hay fever. Are your kids prone to seasonal rhinitis? A runny nose, itchy eyes and lots of sneezing? Does it normally occur during the warmer months of the year? If you answered yes, your child suffers from seasonal rhinitis or also known as allergic rhinitis. The most common cause of allergic rhinitis is pollen particles which float… Continue Reading “Top Tips To Help Kids Deal With Hay Fever”

Are you looking after yourself?


Being a busy mum means putting your little ones first and as parents we learn to put our child’s needs before our own.  Being a parent is immensely rewarding, but sometimes we need to take a moment to think about our own health, and whether we’re helping or hindering our personal fitness and wellbeing. That goes for our mental health too! Here we’ll look at ways you can give your overall health a little boost, improve your mood and give… Continue Reading “Are you looking after yourself?”

Trans-Vaginal Tape (TVT) Surgery: what you need to know

Meshes For Hernia

Recently, the use of mesh in surgery and the companies who manufacture it, such as Johnson & Johnson, have been a regular feature in the national news. Many women, including a dear friend, have bravely spoken out about how one particular kind of mesh procedure, trans-vaginal tape (TVT) surgery, has affected them. Women may have this surgery to tackle incontinence problems that can arise after being pregnant or having a hysterectomy. Like many other people, I was shocked to learn… Continue Reading “Trans-Vaginal Tape (TVT) Surgery: what you need to know”