Review: PuroBasic Volume Limiting Wired Headphones for Children


Lockdown with the kids has been interesting. The kids tech has been a lifesaver, for both homework and entertainment, but three kids watching / listening to different things on their tablets is rather irritating. We were invited to review the PuroBasic Volume Limiting Wired Headphones which have been designed especially for children. Unlike most headphones the PuroBasic are volume limited to 85dB to help protect children’s hearing. Over time listening to music too loud can damage their eardrums and can… Continue Reading “Review: PuroBasic Volume Limiting Wired Headphones for Children”

We have gone a bit Minion Mad!

Since the film Despicable Me, Isaac and Eliza have gone Minion mad.  In fact I would rather like to have one in our house as by definition they are a loyal servant of another, and to have one help clear up after the kids would be amazing. The Minions have been so popular that they now have a film of their very own called, Minions! Evolving from single-celled yellow organisms at the dawn of time, Minions live to serve, but find themselves… Continue Reading “We have gone a bit Minion Mad!”

Christmas Presents for Teen Boys


With two teenage boys in the house I have turned my thoughts to Christmas presents. Shopping for the little ones is easy, they have a Christmas list as long as their arm but as they get older it gets more and more difficult. Callan (17) has his own sense of style and I did chuckle when he sent me various pictures of hoody’s and t-shirts through whatsapp on my phone with the words, “Mum, this is what I want for… Continue Reading “Christmas Presents for Teen Boys”