New Year Hair Detox with Nanogen

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Nanogen is a luxury range of hair thickening and volumising products that are the perfect solution for stressed, dried and overworked hair after the Christmas festivities. The New Year is a great opportunity to try a new routine – from top to toe – and as we re-evaluate our diet and exercise regimes, it’s also a good moment to reflect on the health of our tresses and give them the TLC they deserve. Winter Hair and Scalp Warning: The cold… Continue Reading “New Year Hair Detox with Nanogen”

Hair loss in women


Hair loss in women is surprisingly common and can be caused by a number of factors. While it may be distressing, the condition is usually temporary and treatments are available: Medication Corticosteroids are steroids, a type of hormone treatment prescribed by clinicians.  

It can take a few months for corticosteroid treatment to take effect and there are side effects.  Steroids can be administered by injection or by applying a lotion to the scalp. Other medical treatments are available, usually in… Continue Reading “Hair loss in women”