How to grow vegetables in a smaller garden


With an abundance of seeds and garden products available online from sites like Bakker, you might feel inspired to start your own vegetable patch. Growing your own food can be highly fun and rewarding but what if you’ve only got a small outside space to work with? Well, if your garden’s a little on the tiny side, worry not, as there are plenty of ways to utilise the land you have. Here are five essential tips to get you started:… Continue Reading “How to grow vegetables in a smaller garden”

Embrace Every Moment


I know only too well how quickly time flies and I cannot quite believe I am the mother of two fully grown adults, a teen and three small people who seem to be getting bigger by the day. I love blogging as it is my online diary of their big (and little) adventures and only wish that I had found it sooner as no matter how hard you try, you do forget the little things that you swear you will… Continue Reading “Embrace Every Moment”