A Big Year for Sebastian!!


It is a fact that babies develop fast, but people also forget that the toddler years are pretty full on with changes too. At the beginning of the year Sebastian wasn’t talking and had been referred to have his hearing tested and speech therapy, he was still in nappies and showed no interest in potty training and had just started pre-school. Fast forward a year and what a difference. My non-talker doesn’t stop talking now that he has the confidence… Continue Reading “A Big Year for Sebastian!!”

Growing Up!

Back to school

When the kids are with you day in, day out, sometimes it is hard to see all the little changes in them. These changes sort of creep up on you and then suddenly slap you in the face and you realise that they are suddenly¬†more mature and are growing up before your eyes. This has just happened to me with Sebby, my youngest and the baby of the family who is morphing into a “big boy” at an alarming rate.… Continue Reading “Growing Up!”