Lilah Dumbo

4 month old developmental milestones

It is true what they say, babies grow up so fast. Every week there is a different milestone and although they all reach them at different times, they do often reach their 4 month development stage in and around the same few weeks. Lilah is 19 weeks old and it is safe to say that time has gone very quickly, but it is the last three to four weeks where I have seen her development really jump. Firstly, she is sleeping so much better, a good 10+ hours a night which has made us all feel much more rested. I have …

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A very busy December and some big news!!

It is the end of December and it is safe to say it has been a very busy month for us as a family. I love the build up to Christmas, with the kids attending various events and this year is a bittersweet one for us as it is Sebby’s last year in KS1 and therefore his last Nativity. This year he starred (literally) as the Star of Bethlehem in their play: Lights, Camel, Action which saw the Nativity story transformed into a dazzling dance show, complete with a Strictly style judging panel. Sebby initially found learning the words tricky, …

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