The thing about school league tables…….


An article appeared on my facebook timeline last night that I was genuinely troubled by. England’s worst schools revealed….. The article, written by the Daily Mirror, which can be read here, states that official government figures released this week, show that one in eight mainstream secondary schools are under-performing. Schools fall below the government’s performance threshold if pupils fail to make enough progress across eight subjects, with particular weight given to English and maths. This is only the second year… Continue Reading “The thing about school league tables…….”

A Day of Rest, not anymore!!


I grew up in a small village in West Sussex and clearly remember shops being shut half day Wednesday’s and nothing was open on a Sunday other than the newsagent in the morning and the village pub.  Even supermarkets, which were a quarter of the size they are now, were only open 9-5. I was 15 when I started work in a local supermarket and I remember Sunday’s being a replenishment day.  I worked on the checkouts but often did… Continue Reading “A Day of Rest, not anymore!!”