Project Mc2 Pixel Purse Review

Pixel Purse

Netflix’s Project Mc2  is one of Eliza’s favourite television series. It is set in a fictional city called Maywood Glen, California, and revolves around the fields of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). The series follows the adventures of McKeyla McAlister and her best friends, who work for a government organisation called NOV8 (pronounced “innovate”), a highly secretive group of teenage female government operatives who are trying to protect the world. These super-smart girls become secret agents who use their… Continue Reading “Project Mc2 Pixel Purse Review”

Barbie Deluxe Styling Head Flip & Reveal

Barbie Styling Head

Eliza has never really been a girly girl, probably due to growing up in a house full of boys. Over the last few weeks, however, she has taken more pride in her appearance and is starting to attempt to do her own hair, adding bows and clips for effect. Growing up in the 1970’s, I have fond memories of playing with my Girl’s World Styling head, doing its make-up and curling its hair with the rollers so when we were… Continue Reading “Barbie Deluxe Styling Head Flip & Reveal”

Choosing the Perfect Baby Shower Invitations for Girls


When I had my first daughter, Abbey, 23 years ago, they were not allowed to tell you the sex of the baby at the scan, so I had a lovely surprise when she arrived. When I had Callan, four years later, I new he was going to be a boy as I had to have an amniocentesis to check that he didn’t have Down Syndrome as I has been given a blood test that gave me a higher than average… Continue Reading “Choosing the Perfect Baby Shower Invitations for Girls”

Oh, What a Palaver!!


The definition of Palaver is: ‘Prolonged and tedious fuss or discussion’ What a genius play on words for the website who stock the most beautiful dresses for women and girls that are perfect for the Christmas celebrations we are all looking forward to, after a tumultuous year which saw them change their name not once, but twice. Originally Poppy, founded in 1980, they were forced to change their name in 2015 due to trademark issues. They rebranded to Bryony and Co… Continue Reading “Oh, What a Palaver!!”

Betty Spaghetty is back!

Do you remember Betty Spaghetty? It was a toy that was much-loved when Abbey was Eliza’s age and has now returned to UK stores with a fresh new look for a new generation of girls to enjoy. Betty was one of the must-have toys of the 90s, with interchangeable body parts and trademark spaghetti-inspired hair and has now been revived with new outfits and cool accessories, proving that she will never go out of style. We were sent the Triple Doll pack… Continue Reading “Betty Spaghetty is back!”